September 26, 2013

A Proper Tea Party

There's nothing as impeccably British and decadent than proper English tea. We had ourselves a real tea party, homemade scones and all, last month with Kezzy (our English houseguest that spent the summer working for Gap in NYC). I even brought out the cloth napkins.

A few days later, we woke up to a smell of something delicious baking and found Kez in her towel making another batch of scrumptiousness. The recipe is fantastically easy, and the fresh cream she whipped up topped it better than words can express. The photos will just have to suffice.

How far Canterbury seems at a time like this. Without it I wouldn't appreciate milk in my tea. I wouldn't be able to relish in a day of cold, drizzly weather. And most importantly, I wouldn't have my Mag to live with in Brooklyn.


  1. I may have to make those scones. They look delicious!

  2. Isn't it crazy how food and smells will transport you back to another time of your life? Love when that happens esp. when the memories are moments that define who you are in the present. May have to give that recipe a try :)


I appreciate your words so much! xoxo

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