September 19, 2013

Escaping to the Park

Lunchtime for me has been consisting of walking the nine blocks to Bryant Park to immerse myself in a book and soak in the shade of the trees. This little hiatus in the city takes me back to the Tuileries and the Paris.

With the changing of weather here I expect even more glorious finds of nooks and crannies that provide the needed escape in city-living. Where do you find your escape?


  1. I miss and love Bryant park. The outdoor quiet area for reading is the best spot to perch up and people watch :)

  2. i wish my lunch break loooked like this! its more of munching through lunch break with a bagel and working on emails, getting back to people. it flies!

  3. That photo is gorgeous - I scrolled back up again to take it all in once more!

    Here in Frankfurt, I go for a walk along the river. It's really peaceful there and the river is pretty no matter what season it is.


I appreciate your words so much! xoxo

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