March 13, 2014

It seems only fitting that there's a wind advisory today. 

The wind howls through the poorly sealed window and clanks the vent connected to my stove. I've about had enough of this weather. 
A three-day sliver of springtime, and you're tossed headfirst back into bitter winter. A taste of possibility, and you choke and spit it out. 

Into that vehement wind that unwinds your scarf, numbs your toes and makes you question. Swirling alongside the plastic bags and cigarette butts, you wait to settle. Even if for a second so you can get enough traction to hit the ground running — even if just to warm up. 


  1. Yeap, you and me both girl... So over the weather and sooo ready for spring.

  2. Love your musing about nyc(:


I appreciate your words so much! xoxo

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